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Free - Easter Things to do Challenges

• Here is a fun way to help your children with structured things to do this Easter.

• Making note of 3 positive things at the end of each day will help with good mental health.

• Children - complete a task each day. There will be information on this website for each task. Tick when a challenge is completed.

• Adults - you are in charge of the Star Chart. Colour-in or tick stars earned. Cut out and stick Super Star Points to reward daily success.

Easter challenge double-sided booklet and rewards

Print the double-sided booklet and the pages to take part in the

Easter colouring and family fun activity challenge

Easter cover Wk 1-2.jpg
Easter inside Wk 1-2.jpg

Print the Star Chart and Super Start Points to use as incentives and rewards for the Easter challenge

Star Chart.jpg
Super Star points.jpg

Easter challenge pages

1. Easter banner.jpg
2. Easter I spy - hard.jpg
2. Easter I spy - easy.jpg
3. Where Rabbit.jpg
4. Easter word search and scramble.jpg
5. Spring Scavenger Hunt.jpg
6. Chicken egg.jpg
6. Flower bouquet.jpg
7. Posh Dress-up.jpg
8. Bad Hair Hare.jpg
8. Bad Hair Hare.jpg
9. Lego Challenge.jpg
10. Den Day.jpg
12. Rainbow cards.jpg
11. Other Half.jpg
13. Dress up Disguise.jpg
14. Banner.jpg
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