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Mary Cousins Illustrator and Graphic artist

I am Mary Cousins and I'm a freelancer artist based on the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Drawing, Drawing and more drawing...

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, creating my own fashion magazines in my tweens and winning national newspaper portrait competitions in my teens.
This ability to capture a likeness drew me (had to do it) towards the Fine Arts and eventually to study BA Painting at Kingston Uni, although I did end up studying Sculpture instead - as you do!

organising info and graphic communication
After uni I worked in libraries, playing to my other strength (natural inclination) to organise information, understand the end user and communicate a message with simple clarity.
I was also lucky to be able to carry on honing my creative skills for branding and promotion projects at the same time.

Freelancer and freedom to create
All this experience feeds into my character illustrations and my graphic communication skills. When I became a freelancer I felt I'd come full circle and have the freedom to use my drawing talent for my own projects and for other businesses too.

I can add character to your business...or gift idea

If you’re looking for a friendly character or face for your business branding or need a seriously good logo or portrait for a gift I’m happy to help.
unique, organised and engaged
I have a lot of experience creating appealing campaigns that have connected with adults and children alike. Clients have chosen me because I add can a unique flavour, I understand how to rely a message effectively, know I can engage their customers and that I hit my targets and budgets.

Some of my recent projects include

Branding for a library and vehicles • Isle of Man Post Office Greetings in Manx stamp issue  •  A book jacket design for 'Until the Manxmen are Driven Away' by Paul Libeidzinski for Culture Vannin  •  A new product logo for Paula's Kitchen  •  Connie the Cow character for Isle of Man Creamery  •  Themed library reading schemes  •  Designs for children's board game Finding Fluffy  •  Advent calendar images to promote Manx language for Culture Vannin.

Let’s talk

I’m happy to have a chat about projects big and small and private commissions too.

Drop me a line via my contact page

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