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I Hope People Smile & Laugh & Feel The Warmth Of The Characters I Create


I'm Mary Cousins an illustrator maker living & working on the beautiful Isle of Man

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About Mary

Learning to make images that appeal to adults and children

I love drawing. I've been drawing since I stopped teething on pencils and realised you could make marks with them instead. From a really young age I'd draw little human characters from my imagination and then gradually more realistic studies of people became my thing. This lead me to study art during school and then a Fine Art Degree course at Kingston Uni.

After uni a job for a library inspired a change in my artistic direction it also gave me time and space to develop my graphics and illustration skills. During this period I started creating characters for all sorts of themes, projects and events. I was so lucky to have the experience of learning to make images that appeal to adults and children.

Funny animal & human characters started to become the main subject of my work

Being creative makes me happy, it's like my inner engine, even in my spare time I began sketching a drawing a day which I also shared on Instagram. This process really fired my imagination and more personal funny animal and human characters started to become the main subject of my sketches. I was really lucky that my Insta account helped my work get noticed and lead to some lovely commissions. 

Now, I'm setting up a shop here and on Etsy (coming soon) to promote and sell the work I love. I hope that feelings of positivity come across in my work, my aim is to make people smile or laugh or feel the warmth of the characters I create...not that they are characters to me, more like friends. Yes, they really are real to me.

Top quality, handsomely hand drawn, impossibly cute prints & colouring pages 

So, if you're gazing at your walls and feeling glum that something is missing or twiddling your thumbs wanting something to do. I can help by providing you with a handsomely hand drawn, impossibly cute and possibly a bit mischievous character print or colouring page. 

If you'd like to order click the link to my shop or visit Etsy for my downloads or go to Moonpig for my cards. If you'd like to chat about creating a unique commission email me or use the contact form on the Contact page. 

Heartfelt thanks for reading ... and ordering ... if you have,


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