character drawings to make you smile

I love to draw. I love a laugh.

Hopefully I bring a bit of joy through my daily (ish) funny and friendly ink and watercolour illustrations. You can see more on my Insta grid @maryfcousins

This is just a teeny tiny selection.

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Mary Cousins Illustration; pen and ink; watercolour; sketch; Wizard of Oz; Cos play; Ruby Slippers; cowardly Lion; Dorothy; Mice; Isle of Man; UK
Mary Cousins Illustration; ink and watercolour; drawing; red head; woman; drawing a day; Isle of Man; UK
Mary Cousins Illustration; Drawing; Pen and Ink; Watercolour; Dog; Slippy; Popsicle; Isle of Man
Mary Cousins Illustration; Pen and ink; Watercolour; boy and girl; Sketch; friends; rememberance; Isle of Man
Mary Cousins Illustration; Pen and Ink; Watercolour; Funny; Sketch; snail; worm; slow race; moon; Isle of Man

There's more...

Mary Cousins Illustration; Isle of Man; Ink and watercolour; sketch; making bread; mouse; covid cooking

New Lovely & unique dog portrait commissions

Who doesn't love a dog in a hat?

If you're interested in owning a perfect pooch portrait or looking for a unique great gift, look no further and contact me. I'll be gentle and kind.

Thank you for looking!

Mary Cousins Illustration; Poppy and Fudge; Bull dog; Chihuahua; dog portrait; portrait commission; ink and watercolour; Isle of Man

Poppy and Fudge

Mary Cousins Illustration; Pen and watercolour; dog portrait; commission; Isle of Man